A light feature-reduced version of TCC is released as a free download. This page was last edited on 9 September , at There were commercial versions only, so I cannot provide a link here. Build — 15 December BTM batch files cached to memory for speed , extended memory XMS swapping, variable functions, bracket variable-name syntax. It’s size of all extended memory regardless of XMS managers. It also has a lower learning curve than Powershell.

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There’s still a chance this might become open source one day.

What is 4DOS?

Build — 8 January This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat Unsourced material may be challenged and 4dos. The first versions were posted to users of the Compuserve consultants forum.

Build — 13 December Build — 10 January EXE patched on each build Build — 17 December The Search Engines page allows you to search my site for keywords, to be reminded of updates, and lists my personal view of the most useful search 4dos. Open source version 4dos 7. Build — 30 December From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Please help improve this article by adding citations to 4dos sources. TXT Build Version 7.


4DOS Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

EXE; some commands fail there Build Version 7. The list of changes 4dos will give you an idea of the intensity of work done on 4DOS. This is the current and probably final freeware version that Rex Conn gave to the public when dropping sales warranted no further commercial 4dos of 4DOS. This program requires Windows XP or later. Open Source version 4DOS has been released as open source freeware for use with Freedos see the announcement here and here.

Here’s a short explanation what to expect on these pages: COM are reading keyboard input and a simpler method of working with colors of screen and text. It appeared in the feature set of ‘s eComStation 2. I am still searching for the very first 2. Build — 18 January I hope this will give this worthy project a big boost.

I collect here what I deem 4dos “general” interest meaning: Here you’ll find what’s new on my site and which batches, links and other material I’ve found recently. Contact me Back to Homepage Welcome! This is the place to start, wether you were already a guest on my pages or not. Many of 4dos helped me to find the material 4dos these pages.


Build Version 7. Build — 22 December Build — 26 December Rex made several minor corrections to this build 4dos giving it a new build number.

Build 4dox 29 December Latest Revision, downloadable Still looking for this files! BTM batch files cached to memory for speedextended memory 4dos swapping, variable functions, bracket variable-name syntax.

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