Suction – 30 m? Other convenient forms of this equation are: The pump casing and casing cover form the actual fluid chamber in which the fluid is transferred by means of the impeller. At viscosity cSt the Pv factor is 1. Some of these are as follows: Inlet Suction Pressure This is the pressure at which the fluid is entering the pump. This can be calculated as follows:

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Compliance with International Standards and Guidelines Description of the international standards and guidelines applicable to Alfa Laval pump ranges. This can be better understood by looking at the behaviour of viscous fluids with changes in shear rate as follows.

Where the static alfa laval pump handbook is negative, or where the dynamic head is greater than the static head, this implies the fluid level will be below the centre line of the pump inlet ie suction lift. Hamdbook losses are affected by fluid velocity, viscosity, tube diameter, internal surface finish of tube and tube length. The majority of proprietary mechanical seals available from seal manufacturers have been designed for single shaft pump concepts, such as Centrifugal and Liquid Ring pumps.

The actual pump sizing can be made using a pump selection program. It is first necessary to calculate the relative roughness designated by the symbol?.

The cycle described above is continuously repeated as the impeller has several sections and rotates at approx. Dp is calculated to be 0 ft. Flushed version to prevent the sugar syrup from crystallising within the seal area. Provide hygienic, economical and alfa laval pump handbook lasting operation.


Static Suction Head This is the difference aalfa height between the fluid level and the centre line of the pump inlet on the inlet side of the pump. Pressure effect Hanfbook amount of slip will increase as pressure increases which is shown below. If electric – motor enclosure and electrical supply. Turbulent Flow This is sometimes known as unsteady flow with considerable mixing alfa laval pump handbook place across the pipe cross section.

Pump Selection Overview of the pump ranges currently available from Alfa Laval and which particular pumps to apply within various application areas. It occurs with all types of pumps, centrifugal, rotary or reciprocating. A general seal selection guide is included, together with various operating parameters. Generally, rotary lobe pumps best perform high fluid viscosity applications, such as liquid sugar tanker offloading and malt syrups, whereas low fluid viscosity applications, such as beer and water chilling, are mostly carried out using centrifugal pumps.

Alfa Laval Pump Handbook

The lavwl of the pump will vary depending on where the duty point is situated on the Q-H curve. Total Suction Head The total suction head is the static suction head less the dynamic head. The stub shaft assembly design provides a simple, yet secure method of drive that reduces vibration and noise. Specialised seal setting of the mechanical seal is not required as the seal is dimensionally set on assembly.



A primary seal, comprising of stationary and rotary seal rings. The capacity can vary depending on the pump sizes. Hard tungsten carbide seal faces due to the abrasive nature of sugar syrup. When packed glands are specified, using polyamide or PTFE packings will satisfy the majority of duties.

Increases at higher temperature. Ability to pump shear sensitive media. The Miller equation given below can be used to determine the friction losses for both laminar and turbulent flow in a given length of pipe L.

The pump can withstand this high inlet pressure due to being alfa laval pump handbook with an internal shaft seal. Step 1 — Find Appropriate Curve Locate a curve for the required pump model that alfz the performance data. Mechanical Hand This is required when it is necessary to improve the surface finish beyond pimp achieved by handbiok only i.

At sea level the standard atmospheric pressure is 1. Soft Drink Alfa Laval Centrifugal pumps are mainly used pummp applications handling thin liquid sugar solutions, water and flavourings.

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