Hello julio, Contact our service dept. It was slightly lacking in low end and did not have as good of a stereo field as the Audio 4 DJ. Let me know if this helps. I was concerned that the power supply is un-grounded, as some mobile DJs have reported ground problems when running powered speakers straight out of all-in-one controller like the VCI Thank you for reaching out to us.

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The reason that is happening it’s because you have to put it in 4 channel mode and then restaert the software again.

The accuracy of the MIDI just does not support it. If the problem continues, then the product needs to be serviced. The resetting can be caused by a power issue or bad USB cable. All of the black rubberized knobs american audio vms4 marked not by a white line but by red LED backlighting. The first thing you notice is the 8-bit VMS4 skin.

Downloads The following downloads are available for this product: The crossfader is the one major drawback of using this controller as a traditional mixer.

I would be grateful for an early replybecause I want to buy a Dj controller soon.


The Crossfader has curve control and american audio vms4 and reverse. The loops are supposed to auto sync with playing tracks but even the supplied loops that come with the Virtual DJ software fail to sync up at all with basic electro. As an analogue mixer the unit performs reasonably well, although I found it fairly easy to distort the outputs with very crunchy results when the low end was pushed particularly hard.


Sign in Recover your password. Once at an even level, the sound did have some thin characteristics. Let me americn if you have any further questions. The steel chassis feels and looks more professional than the price suggests. Please provide feedback on next steps? To amsrican things even more awkward, those knobs marked with white are actually endless encoders — the types of knobs you want with no marking!

The results were not exactly great. The outputs of the mixer in digital american audio vms4 analogue mode are noticeably lower than other mixers and sound cards.

American Audio VMS4 Digital DJ Controller

This 4-deck controller is no lightweight. Contact our service dept. A few specific notes on the various controls:. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.

Please call support at for a walk through. Hello Brendan, Thank you for reaching out to us. The VMS4, however, offers a twist to the usual formula by serving double duty as a 4-channel analogue mixer.


Welcome, Login to your account. Make sure that the correct power supply is being used 5. Please feel free to send us your questions by clicking here. As mentioned earlier, one noticeable shortcoming is that american audio vms4 outputs are quite a bit quieter than the average mixer or sound card more below.

There are some reports on the web of analog mixer bleed between channels. Drop your email address here, we’ll send you news, tutorials, and special offers once a week. Fortunately, in dark lighting — the more common scenario — the red LED lines are more fully visible american audio vms4 start to work slightly better than the traditional white marking.

Hi there, What is and where can I download the latest firmware for this controller please?

Although not as noticeable when set to a soft crossfader curve, in the hard-cut setting it becomes unusable for fast cuts and transforms.

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