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It was considered to be enamoured by the moon and said to constantly gaze at it. The See-see Partridge, Ammoperdix griseogularis, is a gamebird in the pheasant family Phasianidae of the order Galliformes, gallinaceous birds. In this group, there is ample evidence for rampant hybridization and incomplete lineage sorting which confounds analyses of DNA sequence data to a massive extent; molecular studies with small sample sizes can simply not be expected to yield reliable conclusions in the entire hierofalcon group. Crown red in male with orange forehead, black in female. Golden Eagles use their agility and speed combined with extremely powerful talons to snatch up prey including rabbits, marmots, ground squirrels and many other prey and large mammals such as fox, wild and domestic cats, mountain goats, ibex, and young deer.

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Though this species is not exploited as heavily as the sympatric Alexandrine Parakeet the trade takes its toll on local populations across the range.

During the display they call and the song is a loud two-note ringing wou-weee which is repeated every second for long periods. The nest is a tunnel 50 cms long, but a nest with a 3 foot tunnel chakog been noted in an earth bank.

A medium-sized, pied woodpecker. It undergoes local movements, driven mainly by the availability of chakoe fruit and blossoms which make up its diet.


The reproductive isolation mechanisms such as vocalization and geographic distributions of these populations still remain to be chaior. Thank you for posting all these birds from your country they are absolutely beautiful… Like Liked by 1 person.

Chakor, National Bird of Pakistan | Wild Life | World birds, Partridge bird, Pet birds

This species builds a stick nest in a tree and lays two white eggs. The nominate race leucocephalus J. It disperses widely when not breeding, and sometimes wanders far, including an amazing record from Great Britain.

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Chukar Partridge Bird | Chukar Partridge Bird Images HD Wallpapers

The species has four named populations. This bird is mainly found in mountain rivers and larger rivers in foothills. The male monal has been under heavy hunting pressure for its crest feather, which was used for ornamental hats of Himachal men, until when chxkor hunting was banned in the state. It is not migratory, but undertakes some seasonal movements.

It is strongly migratory. Nestlings are covered in white down all over, but the heart-shaped facial disk is visible soon after hatching. These were wild trapped in Hunza and early shipments faced heavy losses after which birds were locally reared at Mason Valley game farm and over a 15 year period — more than birds were released into the wild. There have been a number of introductions, but most have failed to take root although some populations still persist in the USA and elsewhere.

Red Avadavar — Pakistan. It has chaakor slightly larger wing area for its weight than other geese, which is believed to help the goose fly at high altitudes. Laughing Doves eat grass, seeds, grains, other vegetation and small insects. Its flight is fast and direct, with the regular beats and an occasional sharp flick of the wings which are characteristic of pigeons in general.


Akhiz Munawar

In India it is also known as the Little Brown Dove. Studies have found that they breathe more efficiently under low oxygen conditions and are able to reduce heat loss.

The call is similar to that of the European Bee-eater. The Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos is one of the best known birds of prey in the Northern Hemisphere.

They eat seeds and fruits of a wide variety of plants and are generally tame and approachable. There is also a rufous colour phase which occurs occasionally in adult females but more often in juveniles. A wild population more than to birds has established itself in the Ruby Mountains, where they forage above the treeline.

Typically, one or two young survive to fledge in about three months. The Bohemian Waxwing Bombycilla garrulus is a member of the waxwing family of passerines.

It is more often heard than seen and has a distinctive loud two-note whistle wheeet-tieu or wieet-pyou or sometimes, a triple note hh-wit-wiyu. They are very commonly seen perched along roadside trees and wires and are commonly seen in open grassland and scrub forest habitats.

It is rare north of its breeding range. The breeding season is May-June.

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