This directory, completely under your control, allows you to file all your computing resources using a logical organization that is the best one adapted to your activities and your internal organization. With LoriotPro, you possess a tool with the power of a control tower for monitoring your computing resources that guarantees availability and performance to your users. For example, an Active View objet representing a disk can become red when a disk failure trap is received from a system. The MIB tree provides advanced display features. LoriotPro is the software that you expect since a long time.

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You can define escalation action when a certain quantity of events or traps is reached. Free Edition of Loriotpro A free snmp loriotpro and network minitoring loriogpro.

Seconds after you set up the flag, loriotpro can display it in a graphic. Any object present in the Directory tree can have a process plug-in that executes a particular task attached to it. Download and try now “mouse click to hide me”.

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lorkotpro LoriotPro has a hierarchical tree display for all your resources. In all interfaces and plug-in Wizard have been added and give you a powerful access to Directory objects, events, MIB loriotpro. The LDS is built on a completely new directory structure based on an object-oriented approach. The conventional topological representation is included as well as a very new loriotpro view in an organizational tree, which contains the enterprise structure and all loriotpro active loriottpro and host components.


Designed to address heavy configuration with thousands of devices in real loriotpro polling conditions. Download LoriotPro V8 all editions site 1 Europe.

Free Edition

Whether you are operating a loriot;ro business or a multi national company, Luteus has just the right product to meet your loriotrpo loriotpro fit your budget. Filters can easily be created for an event occurrence by using a loriotpro assistant that is attached. The 10 Trap optional fields are completed by default loriotpro their MIB definition and their value can be set individually.

The change could be the failure of a communication link or a process running a specific device, for example. This counter can be cleared individually. But using the short name of an object in the MIB tree was not possible if name were duplicated. LoriotPro can also help lorotpro to manage smart infrastructure using remote Loriotpri devices, video camera, intrusion detection sensor, power loriotpro sensor, humidity sensor etc. This object could represent almost everything building, map, room bay, router, lorioypro, users, text and could be managed and colored dynamically to reflect their status.

You know that real Loriotpro are always difficult to generate, for example a power supply failure on a PC. When you select a host in the tree structure, you can attach tasks or functions to that host. A composite name contains the MIB file name and the object name. The 10 optional fields of a Trap can be used to set filter. It gives a complete and dynamic view of the network and attached devices.


GlobalSign certificat Attention, loriotpro 7 of LoriotPro from March is now replaced by version 8. It loriotpro either V1 trap or V2 inform. This free snmp software is pad enable.

Our packages are signed with Microsoft Authenticode loriotprro assures users that they loriotpro where the code came from and verifies that the code hasn’t been tampered with since its publication. This tree is your workspace for configuring your resources. Monitoring without administration cannot lorotpro the responsiveness you need to maintain loriotpro system in production mode.

Graphical view of the IP network. In the Trap filter rules and loriotpro, it is now possible to trigger an Event locally or to another LoriotPro. The MIB files are not very easy to understand and manipulate. The discover process do it for you.

Coming with the loriotpro 4, the accounting of Event types and Trap types is now possible.

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