lutino cockatiel

It is always recommended to get birds like these as it will prevent behavioral problems in the future. Cockatiels are probably the most popular of the parrot family. Some of the more common medical issues seen in tiels include:. See Wikipedia’s guide to writing better articles for suggestions. In lutinos, baldness can occurs behind the crest.

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Have you ever wondered where your pretty little cockatiel came from? However, bird breeders can breed for certain traits, and they have been breeding for different color mutations in cockatiels since the s. As members of the Cacatuidae family they too have an erectile crests. Cockatiels are probably the most popular of the parrot family. It actually decreases the spread of the grey family of pigments melanin and increases the spread of the yellow pigments lutein or psittacine.

Recently, an orange-crested cock with orange cheek patch extending into the face and crest has occurred; this is a newly discovered mutation. The lutino gene is known as a sex-linked recessive gene.

Deaf Lutino Cockatiel

Visual sexing is often possible with this variant of bird. It is important to know that, throughout parrot species the ADMpied gene negates the male’s ability to display his species’ dimorphic features. A good avian vet can give you suggestions for curbing the plucking. The bald spots were especially pronounced when the lutino mutation was first bred and in the following years after that.


The male Normal Grey has grey feathers over his entire body, with the exception codkatiel the white wing bars, yellow face and bright orange cheek patches. Although yellow barring on the underside of the tail are visible in females.

Deaf Lutino Cockatiel

Cockatiel Cockatiels in aviculture Cockatiel colour genetics. Later on white-faces, silvers and albinos have stirred up excitement in aviculture. Nymphicus hollandicus Kerr Housing and About Cockatiels: The science of cockatiel colour genetics deals with the heredity of colour variation in the feathers of cockatielsNymphicus hollandicus.

This behaviour is categorized by sticking their chest out and parading around, sometimes pacing, typically accompanied by whistling. Incubation and raising the chicks yourself requires dedication since the young chicks will need feedings every two hours for the first couple of weeks.

On top of that, keeping a cockatiel as a pet is easy because they are not noisy parrots and they are comfortable when left alone for long periods of time. Barringer to mate a female lutino daughter back to the father to produce the first male lutino.

These birds are not only friendly, but they can be quite adaptable to a new environment. The Normal Grey is the original bird native to Australia. Yellow-tailed black cockatoo Carnaby’s black cockatoo Baudin’s black cockatoo. One method of sexing cockatiels involves checking their pelvic bones.


Cockatiel Mutations | Beauty of Birds

She is also a very picky eater and only eats the small seeds in her food. Today, as a result of successful selective breeding practices, this trait is being greatly reduced and many specimens now have total feather coverage on the head.

Leading to ADMpied cockatiels being notoriously difficult to sex visually but being excellent examples for studies in genetic traits. Unfortunately, the degree in piedness remains quite genetically unpredictable. Individual feathers over most of a Pearled bird will have more of the yellow family of pigments visible giving them a scalloped pattern. The Lutino also has red to dark ruby eyes. Bear in mind that some of the links in this post are affiliate links and if you go through them to make a purchase CertaPet.

Cacatua Cacatua subgenus Yellow-crested cockatoo or lesser sulphur-crested cockatoo Citron-crested cockatoo Sulphur-crested cockatoo Eleonora coclatiel Greater sulphur-crested cockatoo Blue-eyed cockatoo White cockatoo or umbrella cockatoo Salmon-crested cockatoo or Moluccan cockatoo. Jan 10, Deaf Bird by: White pearling is sometimes called Silver Pearl.

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