Any undertaking engaged in an industry, the management of which has been taken over by any person or body of persons under powers by the Central Government, f. I request other committees to make you aware about their work. Otherwise, if the judgment were to be allowed into the Statute books, there would not be any penetration of foreign goods into Indian market. The obvious reason was to get the new product penetrated into Indian markets and capture as much share in the market as possible. However on reading of the present rules it appears that the cost records have been prescribed only for the sectors where audit is felt necessary. Add me to the Community.

nirc of icwai cc

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ICWA guidance

Income-tax Officer reported in ITR held that no tax shall be payable on unrealized capital gains. Before going into the analysis of the case, let us first understandthe facts of the case.

The Supreme Court has opined that i.

nirc of icwai cc

All Rights Reserved Developed by. Examination Directorate regulates the: He gave full assurance.

nirc of icwai cc

Or any courses or suggestions i can look forward to? Apart from the above the increasing number of seminars conducted by the various Industry Chambers viz. I am in a bit of fix and i need help.

Office-bearers of NIRC of ICSI w.e.f.

Akshat g or ur firm was already in panel of PSB me Fo Branch having upto Members shall be governed by a Managing Committee composed of 5 Members instead of 6 Members, as at present.


Hello, Can any body provide me guidance about these issues: Any undertaking owned or controlled by the Government Company, b. After the issue of show cause notices, the Company having lost the casebefore the first appellate authority carried the matter to Tribunal which upheld the contentions of the Company.

Respected Professional Colleague, Greetings of the Day!!! Therefore, the legislature should similarly see a long-term goal of garnering revenue along-with the growth of business rather than indulging in artificial levy of duty or taxes on unrealized income.

We are forwarding your mail to NIRC for necessary action.

Utility of Cost Records: Any trade union or other association of workmen or employees formed for their own reasonable protection as such workmen or employees, e. The finding of the Dept.

nirc of icwai cc

The legal framework under which the Rules have been drafted. I want to appear for December Attempt. Before dwelling on the merits of the Dept. Unless the Central Government otherwise directs, this act shall not apply to: Correct Inventory valuation especially that of Work in Progress, which is specialisation of Cost and Management Accountants, affects almost all revenue authorities, be in Income Tax or Central Excise in terms of revenue and unwarranted litigation.

This will facilitate focus shift to the enterprise governance. In the ordinary circumstances, a manufacturer of excise goods is required to discharge his duty liability with reference to the price which he charges on his customers at the time of its removal from the factory. Also I have read some computer subjects during my graduation Similarly, the said provisions of the Act are applicable only where buyer and seller are related persons.


Management Accounting • View topic – Circulation by NIRC members- Cost audit

The committee is still working on: Any member desiring to have proof may demand it separately as in this mail attachments are not permitted.

Each Branch having more than Members shall be go However, in order to promote uniformity and consistency in the preparation and presentation of cost statements under different statutes and under WTO, it is also recommended that such cost accounting records should adhere to the cost accounting standards issued by ICWAI that have integrated,harmonized and standardized the generally accepted costaccounting principles and practices. It will surely give power to the profession.

At which goods are ordinarily sold iii.

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