Orphenica lyra, Vos me matastes. Review This Title Share on Facebook. Only two original works by Fuenllana himself are included, the remainder of the program being devoted to his arrangements, in themselves rearranged for the vocal and instrumental ensemble that bears the name of the publication. The repertory it contains is truly cosmopolitan and representative of the main vocal and instrumental genres of the period: Contents pages from Orphenica Lyra. Miguel de Fuenllana Composer.

orphenica lyra

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How well this group works together! Orphenica lyra, O felici occhi miei.

orphenica lyra

Orphenica lyra, Tan que vivray de Sermisy. December 22, Orphenica Lyra: Orphenica lyra, La Bomba Flecha. Since the end of the Moorish presence in Andalusia Reconquista and the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus, the Kingdom of Spain experienced unprecedented economic and cultural development.

It is interesting to observe that all of his works are purely instrumental compositions. Orphenica lyra, Fantasia de redoble galanos.

Facsimile from Orphenica Lyralibro sexto. Spain, the 16th century.

orphenica lyra

Orphenica Lyra by Miguel de Fuenllana. The repertory it contains is truly cosmopolitan and representative of the main vocal and instrumental genres of the period: Home Musical Knowledge Orphenica Lyra: The ogphenica section or book of Orphenica Lyra contains a number of compositions for the 4-course guitar guitarraorphenoca well as the 6-course vihuela. In the 16th century humanist philosophies reigned over art and creation.


Such regrets, though, are soon banished by the sheer quality of these performances. Whether you want to see what we think of today’s latest releases or discover what our critics thought of your favourite recordings from the past, you will find it all in our full-searchable Reviews Database.

It was a collection or anthology of music published in in Seville, in which the composer had collated pieces for the vihuela. The drum added to Fuenllana’s setting of Sermisy’s Tant que vivray gives it the poise and cadence of a dance.

José Miguel Moreno

Jose Miguel Moreno, one of today’s leading vihuela players, appears to have formed a new group, named after Fuenllana’s book, for the performance of this repertory, although the instrumental line-up is similar to that of La Romanesca’s. The all-time greats Read about the artists who changed the world of classical music.

The perfect gift for the classical music enthusiasts! Fuenllana Libro de Musica para Vihuela intitulado Highly enjoyable performances true to the spirit of the age View record and artist details Record and Artist Details.

Tablature focused on the technical means of making music rather than indicating specific pitch and timing for the notes used.

Orphenica lyra, Benedictus de la missa de Mila regres Morales. Orphenica lyra, Madona mia Fontana. The notation used in this book is Italian Tablature described here.


orphenica lyra

Gramophone’s expert reviews easier than ever before. Close X Welcome to France Musique. This is a very attractive disc in every way, from the elegant packaging and presentation to performances of refinement of a varied and entrancing repertory.

Miguel de Fuenllana Performer: Fuennlana also orpyenica some instruction for playing the vihuela, and is credited with being the first to propose using the index and middle fingers for scale passages use of the thumb and index finger in alternation was the common technique for scale passages on the lute at the time, so this is a significant development in right-hand technique.

Orphenica lyra (Fuenllana, Miguel de)

Miguel de Fuenllana c. Brian Robins Reviewing Glossa Read less. The humanism of the Renaissance movement aspired to ‘popularisation’ and the sharing of knowledge.

The production is well up to Glossa’s usual high standard, with splendid sound, and an exemplary note by Ivan Moody.

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