I really enjoyed the 5 party idea and the rune gem system like Asdivine hearts. So all in all I see this boss u beatable unless I’m missing something because I’ve tried literally everything. An easily completable Pocket-sized RPG! I have hated the main character in both games. We cannot guarantee support on other devices.

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You might need to super buff your whole team to kill them in one turn. Likertuban Crazy, i try to use cheat, and make the STR of the cougarit hit 12k, but the HP of the boss aren’t decreasing at all, the girl rpg illusion of lphalcia the man both can’t be killed is this bug?

Tsukito5 It made be hard to kill the guy but just keep leveling up your cougar to level 10 or highter and your rank too. We have some great technology and these games still don’t include some updated battle animations.

Bug when fighting boss – RPG Illusion Of L’Phalcia Answers for iPhone – iPad (iOS)

Too many of gems are useless. I like a good story when there is a good story. Ever since I got an iPad mini, I have been searching for great jrpgs.


Especially against the level 90 boss that casts mini on your party Also, abuse phantom skills that delays turns on some of the bosses so that your party can all rrpg one chain combo to kill them in one party turn. This game is easy to play and very straight forward with little secrets to look for. Find out what everyone wishes of the Sword of Amal!

Got them both to rank 8 white and black magic. Mar 20, Version 1. I feel rpg illusion of lphalcia Kemco has a lot of opportunity to make some really great games. If you do not agree, please do not download our application.

I got Ryder and cougar to lvl Minor translation bug fixes. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? All multiple normal lpahlcia gems don’t work.

RPG Illusion Of L’Phalcia Answers for iPhone – iPad

Hi,does anyone have a problem with fighting the boss at the ruins? There are a few things I wish they would at least try to include. Stunning 3D Battles Astonishing 3D battles bring the characters to life!

Some of the skills don’t even make since the way they are animated. Shadey Only killed the girl but the guy cant be killed and only cougar can attack.


Illusion of L’Phalcia

Funangle12 So do we have to patched on lucky patcher or turn on rpg illusion of lphalcia vertification thing Posted on: The only thing I’ve lpyalcia to make any dent in magnolias hp. I haven’t played the third one yet so the jury is out on it so far. Creator I’ve spent hours fighting the boss.

Sep 3, ESRB: I really enjoyed the 5 party idea and the rune gem system like Asdivine hearts. You need one character to buff your max party’s int to survive the hardest boss’ first attack.

The Sword of Amal – a weapon said to be able to grant any wish. But mind you it’ll take a while to beat them. I don’t know if this is a bug or something but right now i’m just leveling up my cougar and rank to. Challenge the foretold doom! Make sure to kill each one at least 3 times to illsuion their items.

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