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Six months has passed since Harutora and Touji enrolled into Onmyo Academy and the students prepare for their end of year exams. Presently, Harutora continues on by himself to retrieve Natsume’s body. In the process, his left eye gets slashed and is almost killed. After this flashback, Harutora’s Bokken energy bursts out due to overcharging. In episode 3, it was revealed that she and her brother were subjected to deadly experiments before and after their birth which resulted her being an excellent Onmyouji.

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They later meet up with Jin Ohtomo and others but things don’t go well for Harutora when he is misunderstood again being together with Kon in the hotel room.

Presently, Harutora continues on by himself to retrieve Natsume’s body. She transforms into a grown version of herself i. Afterwards, Natsume reveals that the talisman familiar was a manipulation type and Hokuto’s real controller was somewhere else alive.

Suzuka “Prodigy” Dairenji

In a show that gets the desired effect from its tropes, that wouldn’t be a problem. The next day, Harutora notices that Kon is still in her physical form and can’t transform back. The man states that he does not want to get involved with the Twin Horn Syndicate’s conflict. She also seems to have started harboring feelings for Harutora.


He realizes he can now sense the type of spirits around him and how to fight them. Due to his duel against Kyouko, Harutora gets popular in his class which upsets Natsume.

Suzuka Dairenji – Tokyo Ravens | Tokyo Ravens | Tokyo ravens, Raven, Tokyo

Harutora’s whole class goes on a Shikigami training camp somewhere in the mountains. Shortly after that, Ashiya Douman discusses with a man about the Yakou disciple. He also seems interested in the Tsuchimikado branch family’s son Harutora. Top 15 Anime Girls with Hair Drills. Jin Ohtomo and the principal overhear their conversation. Touji is later admitted to the hospital, but disappears after regaining consciousness.

She is wanted by the Onmyo Agency for using forbidden magic. After witnessing the Chimera 01 progress to a Phase-4 Phenomena, the Nue adirenji to run away with Natsume and Zenjirou in pursuit.

While the two introduce themselves, rairenji new classmates are surprised since the two of them transferred half a year later when the new term started. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites Animeography.

After an intense battle with the fake Kakugyouki, Harutora manages to break its seal.

Upon sensing danger, Natsume summons Hokuto to expel the miasma and keep her classmates safe. Meanwhile, Douman and Jin-sensei attack the Onmyo Agency. As Harutora goes to comfort her, she gets caught up in the miasma caused by a Magic Investigator from the Onmyo Agency who is in fact a Yakou disciple. In Tokyo, Harutora meets with Natsume after enrolling at Onmyo Prep School where he conveys the wrong impression that he knew Hokuto was Natsume the entire time.


The three continue on and find Natsume, then meeting up with Suzu to perform the Taizan Fukun Ritual. Daizen Amami is shown to still be alive, possibly the one controlling the spider. She came to Harutora’s town in search for Natsume Tsuchimikado to get her spiritual powers and use them in a Taizan Fukun Ritual.

Suzuka Dairenji (Tokyo Ravens) –

Suzuka, Kon and Harutora are scolded by Jin and Kon is able to get rid of her physical form. Touji discusses what Suzuka wanted with Harutora before he is called away to meet Natsume wherein Suzuka’s familiar which was inside Harutora’s stomach after she kissed him steals Natsume’s spiritual powers.

In the process however, Natsume is fatally injured, but manages to tell Harutora that she loves him. Shortly after that, everyone feels the powerful presence of Ashiya Douman who was planning to retrieve the Nue for himself but failed.

Harutora and Touji befriends their new classmate Tenma Momoe. Remove from Favorites Add to Favorites. She questions whether Natsume can become their comrade, and becomes very excited when she is presented with a package presumably containing the Raven Coat.

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