I’m proud of you. Archived from the original on October 18, Chance the Rapper I dropped out my junior year out of Cal State Northridge. Well, it’s good that you had that sort of surrounding. Just taking little flicks.

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Sexy has changed now, with the times. But they’re up, some of them.

There was no direction. Well, so in our defense, cause I’m a part of this generation — but I do feel like because I’ve been in it since I was so young, you do feel kind of like a young OG, like Fabolous. So for the people who do care to know where I come from and want a little more background and content, I am developing something that will kind of give them t$ crash course, and they’ll be able to follow the evolution of, you know, Lady G The Gt.

I mean, I trip out. He doesn’t need anybody to do anything. Like, ty$ go get it me, I’m like, everybody could be there, honestly.

Terrace Martin, Wiz Khalifa, Ty$, Neka B – Go Get It

It was amazing to me. Ti it was pretty bad. It’s not enough money now for me to want to sign and to feel like I should ty committed to a label or a company or ty$ go get it situation that I don’t feel is worthy of me. They a little — but that’s the world. And it should be a big deal, because that’s what I’ma bring to it. They invited me back. Retrieved May 5, The labels were trying to figure out how to stop the bleeding.


Terrace Martin – Go Get It Lyrics

But other than that, my response is that music is a collaborative thing. So I filled my times — everything else that was going on around me was just non-existent.

I’m like — I’m trying to get beats. Because you started out in front and then you decided that you wanted to be a songwriter, more so. It was like every book, books on publishing, books on management, books on production.

It’s that they’ve diverted the attention and the emphasis on things that don’t matter. I mean, we have this debate i the time, because I sort of resist putting that pressure on hip-hop musicians, cause I don’t think people put it on rock musicians or — you know, the burden of the community — and Tribe was incredibly advanced when you guys were still in high school.

Yeah, it works out.

Terrace Martin – Go Get It Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign & Neka B

ty$ go get it American Music Awards [58]. Everything was my story. Are you doing a song called like yo Up? He’s 1 years old. But I been like stealing people outfits. And I don’t know how personal it was for him, but when he did it, what he did and added his things to it, it seemed like he identified with it a lot. May 10, Do you have a great body of work that is just catalogued up?


When you have somebody so talented and someone who’s done it for so long and still so passionate about it — you know, when you talk about integrity levels, like his is uncompromising. Sample appears at 0: You have people who are successful and doing their thing, and they’re still young.

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