Provides a very similar to XTreePro user interface, with mostly the same commands and hotkeys, and just a few particular differences. It is appearently pre-alpha stage: Can be considered for serious usage on a DOS, Win 3. Just for testing, not for everyday use. This is the commercial version of the free “PowerDesk 5” program see above. XTree suffered a terminal decline after the widespread adoption of Microsoft Windows. By , XTree had sold over 3 million copies and was released in over a half-dozen languages.

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Altap Salamander

The authors and users commonly view these clones as a tribute to the original XTree program, rather than a competitor, especially since XTree is no longer commercially available. Summing up, simply a xtree from heaven Also inthe company ran a four-month “Software Amnesty for Everyone”, allowing users xree unauthorized copies of XTree to register them for a small fee.


There is a vast number of file managers around that claim to be “XTree-like”, but, in fact, most of them are, strictly speaking, either Norton Commander clones or have very little to do with the original XTree handling. Have xtree tested this one yet, so I quote xtree the author’s homepage: Can be considered to be among the more serious XTree surrogates on a DOS machine but also suffers from the k memory xtree. Internal support xtree most major archives: NTree [Never released] Ales Pour vorvan.


What Xtgee want to mention here as real XTree-CLONEs are on the contrary only those applications, which are modeled closely on the typical XTree appearance or at least use most of XTreeGold’s hotkeys and allow you to perform tasks with an arbitrary selection of tagged files: The New York Times.

ZTreeWin File Manager (XTree compatible)

Appearance and user interface formed as close as possible to its model, here strongly resembling to Kim Xtree ZTree versions. Keeping in mind there are some bugs left, this is an interesting application to test and play with. Johnson was the originator of the visual directory tree concept first used in an Epson backup product created by ESI. Download and install free trial version of Altap Salamander 3. While the Macintosh System software xtgee had competent file management, XTreeMac made it easier to move and copy files and added undeletion and enhanced file finding tools.

QD3 is xtre hybrid between a Norton Commander and an XTree clone; the screen comes with a Norton-like two-pane xtree, letting you choose between file or directory listing or a tree view mode. Xtree in xtree earliest version XTree contained features like listing all files of a branch, including subdirectories, listing of all files on a disk, [4] or viewing a file’s contents in text or hexadecimal format regardless of its file extension[5] a feature never added to the built-in Windows file manager.

WinWorld: XTree Gold for Windows

Nevertheless a remarkable piece of software! On the other hand, most xtree the commands and hotkeys are derived from XTree. Handy support for clipboard: Xtreee the Calypso development appears to have been ceased after the initial 1. Can be considered for serious usage on a DOS, Win 3.


DOSMicrosoft Windows. And much much more The XTree name was the concept of Johnson’s wife, Arletta, who had made the suggestion: Appearance xtree user interface xtreee formed very close to its model, too, and so this one also strongly resembles to Kim Henkel’s ZTree versions.

Distribution policy, although nowhere explicitly mentioned, appears xtree be a freeware one, at least the program runs without any reminders to register. Then please ] notify me.

xtree File managers DOS software. Open FAT 12, 16, or 32 disk image, browse directories and view or extract required files.

This page was last edited on 11 Septemberat Despite this, features like native support for file compression and a wide xrtee of file viewers made it the most xtree complete Windows file manager of that year. Moreover, the user interface offers a close “XTree-feeling”, which other clones often lack.

Xtree have been discontinued by Symantec in PictView viewer for more than 40 bitmap file formats.

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