Planeswalker support Heart of Kiran – As discussed in the strategy section, click here for more details. Aminatou’s independent nature often gets the better of her; her parentage is a mystery in that she only ever has them when she wants to be taken care of. Mass creature removal Toxic Deluge – At three mana this is the most cost efficient method of removing creatures, and can get around abilities like indestructible. We can use her blink in combination with a host of spells that exchange permanents. Let’s first see what she offers us, then we’ll look at the best ways to support her. Her name is pronounced Ah-mee-NAH-too , and she is our youngest and arguably most intimidating Planeswalker. You can get for example three counterspells in response to a game ending spell.

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Kaho, Minamo Historian gives you access to a number of manipulation cards, you can Synthetic Destinywhich is an instant.

Aminatou, the Fateshifter · Commander (C18) #37 · Scryfall Magic: The Gathering Search

Her ability to put a card from your hand on top of your deck would be almost a detriment if we didn’t include shuffling effects in the deck. Mystical Tutor – Gives you access to many disruption cards, and perfect for miracles in, Terminus and Temporal Mastery.

In my theory crafting I eventually started leaning towards a “super-friends lite” deck as you have as well. Sure you are three colors, but you are already running Weathered Wayfarer aminattou, and tutors. Often drawing large mana costing creatures early on before you have mana is bad aminaou decks, but this deck is designed to reward you for drawing your bug creatures early, in that you can use a number of cards to get them into aminaotu.


I have to admit that the thing that drew me to this card the most, was the art of Seb McKinnon.

Aminatou, the Fateshifter

Taking into account what is already in the deck, we can use these categories to make incremental changes. Survives mass creature removal. Blinking Coffers with an Urborg on the table seems like big money.

The life loss is negligibly with commanders 40 life.

The transform land is also amazing at providing value if the game plays out long and card advantage is necessary. Deepglow Skate – Used to gets lots of loyalty counters on planeswalkers, which you can click here for more details.

I don’t have my list together quite yet but I have some more thoughts. Aminatou is quite aware of her own destiny but also amijatou it isn’t time to enact it right now, so she wanders in search of new destinies to play with and forces to study in the meantime. Aminatou’s ability to “blink” a permanent allows her to slot easily into a number of infinite combinations. After all, mankind is obsolete. Magic Market Index for March 15th, I’ve already shown how Spellseeker can be converted into something like Razaketh, the Foulbloodedso using Recruiter of the Guard as a first amunatou to doing this is a fine plan.

Personalizing Commander 2018: Subjective Reality

For the player swap stuff, give them an Illusions of Grandeur and bounce it, life right there. Aminatou’s spark ignited at an incredibly young age, and for seemingly no reason at all. Costing 5 W W amminatou expensive, so using an reanimation enchant aura or Reanimate will be a big game. Thanks for the guide.


Aminatou, the Fateshifter | MAGIC: THE GATHERING

How can we update “Subjective Reality” in ways that support this planeswalker? Her name is pronounced Ah-mee-NAH-tooand she is our youngest and arguably most intimidating Planeswalker. Perhaps we can all learn a lesson from Aminatou and embrace her philosophy on life; the future is never set in stone.

With Mainatou [-1] you can use it to acts as a mini Buried Alive with Entombas you’ll get to put two creatures into your graveyard. We are still looking aminatu gain advantages out of them using Aminatou [-1] to get more uses out of their abilities.

After discussing how to update “Nature’s Vengeance” with a focus on how to support the planeswalker Lord WindgraceI will take the same approach in discussing Commander Edition ‘s young and creepy, yet powerful, amijatou Academy Rector into Oath of Teferi.

Once you can get at least three activation’s of Aminatou aminatuo, then you can [-1] until she is down to 1 loyalty counter, then target the Sun Titan. Temple of EnlightenmentTemple of DeceitTemple of Silence – The scry works perfectly with Aminatou [-1] to put cards onto bottom of library to get deeper into the deck for the cards you need. Comprehensive list of cards in the deck, and further interactions that I might not have detailed in the ‘Playing the Deck’ section.

For the full break down of the planeswalkers, click here for more details. Because her aminayou costs no mana, it is also effective mana “ramp” if you use it with cards like Peregrine Drake or Palinchron.

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