Conversion from millivolts to degrees or degrees to millivolts shall be in accordance with ASTM E or other national standard. This furnace contains two separate qualified operating temperature ranges. Temperature resolution requirements for furnace chart recorders shall be in accordance with Table 4. Calibration shall be performed on the instrument s listed in the Instrument Type column of Table 3. These sensors do not require relocation if the overall temperature uniformity does not exceed one half of the maximum temperature uniformity tolerance for the applicable furnace class at all temperatures surveyed, or if the difference between the measured temperature at the current recording locations and the actual respective hottest and coldest measured areas is less than the system accuracy test SAT tolerance for the applicable furnace class. Load sensors may be used as control sensors in accordance with 3.

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Furnace identification name or number?

The life of nonexpendable base metal load thermocouples shall be determined by the operating temperature s. Load sensors shall comply with Table 250d. In addition to the required instrumentation of types A thru D there are always at least two recording load sensors in each control zone, one monitoring and one ams 2750d.

If a load sensor is not used the laboratory furnaces shall be tested as required for production equipment. 2750e can be changed by selecting this button and changing the date using the on screen date selection. The requirement for an SAT is waived if ams 2750d of the following 3.


Working with AMS2750E and AMS2750D

A primary standard sensor together with a primary standard instrument shall be used to calibrate secondary standard sensors. As ams 2750d and as left data at each calibration point? Ams 2750d of refractory thickness? At least 10 tests shall be ame at each test temperature. Replacing heating system components e. Warehouses, distributors, or similar organizations are not considered material producers. No TUS sensor failures at the corner locations of the work zone are permitted.

Product is normally immersed in the liquid. If your process is subject to NADCAP audits, X-Series recorders can collect the data and produce survey reports ams 2750d show that your temperature instrumentation is in compliance.

Control, monitoring, and recording sensors shall comply with Table 1. Rolls up to feet meters in length may be sampled at one end; rolls over feet shall be sampled at both ends of the roll see 3. If a survey load is used during the TUS, some survey thermocouples may continue to rise in temperature and slowly approach the set temperature. A previously documented and specified offset to the control instrument to correct an SAT difference, if this offset is in the form of an intentional manual offset of the control setpoint e.

Calibration of SAT sensors shall have been performed with a primary ams 2750d secondary standard instrument against a primary or secondary standard sensor in accordance with Ams 2750d 1.

Working with AMSE and AMSD

Where it is impossible or impractical to traverse TUS sensors through sms continuous or semicontinuous furnace, or to install TUS sensors into the retort or muffle of a furnace, 2750f is acceptable to use alternative testing methods as described below: Calibration company if not performed in-house 3. For continuous furnaces, traversing a load through the furnace during the test is not 2750f requirement. Multiple runs may be required to accomplish measurement of the full work zone volume. Appropriate corrective action shall be taken, documented and maintained on file.


Existing installations at the release date of this revision do not require recording instruments. A calibrated and traceable sensor with known deviations, if any, used for system accuracy tests. Date and time of day of ams 2750d test? Technician who performed the calibration? An instrument connected to a sensor ams 2750d used to control the temperature of process equipment including quench baths and refrigeration equipment.

AMS2750D Standards Compliance with X-Series Recorders

Previously applied internal adjustments or offsets to the control or recording instrument to correct ams 2750d SAT ama. Properties of heat-treated material shall be analyzed by a statistical technique such as described in ASTM MNL 7 or ams 2750d statistical process control reference work. Load sensors, used for measurement of temperature of parts, simulated parts, or raw material, shall be in contact with or buried in the load during thermal processing. The wire is provided in coils or on spools.

Records — System Accuracy Test …………………………………………….

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