Cells are activated and deactivated using the buttons next to the list. Each QCI is linked to a set of characteristics such as priority, packet delay budget and packet error loss rate. These settings can be changed for each different protocol. Like the GSM options, the settings on this page form the set of system information messages that are transmitted when the cell is active. This page shows the connection between scenarios and runs. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. More on this later in the course.

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An alternate method is to filter directly from the log file display. The Common Physical Channel Configuration button is greyed out as this will be supported in a future release.

Anite Conformance Toolset

Individual cell configuration files can be used repeatedly in different scenarios. Main String[] args When I copy the command anite log viewer argument from the above output and run manually from cmd it works fine. More detail about the functions seen in the presentation can be found in the SAS online help manual. If several objects are selected, repeating the search will find each occurrence in turn. Fro, the scripting pane script elements or a set of script elements can be dragged to the Database pane Database pane — From here script elements can be dragged to the scripting pane.

The cell description is the ‘friendly’ name of the cell, which is listed in the cell simulation control window.


Anite is now part of Keysight Technologies | Keysight (formerly Agilent’s Electronic Measurement)

Initially, one may wish to see only the layer 3 messaging in the log file. Groups can be added. The above parameters are sent in SIB2. Attach Request is sent by the UE. Please refer to the Log Viewer User Manual for a comprehensive guide to the functionality provided. Milenage is an authentication algorithm which is more robust in comparison to the A3 ands A8 authentication algorithms used in GSM.

It looks like a bug to me. It then routes the packet data to the appropriate network. These can be anite log viewer to the scripting pane Scripting pane — This is where the script is loaded.

T is the periodic location update timer. There is default database provided with the SAS install. When the messages in a file are decoded, anite log viewer currently – installed set of protocol DLLs is used.

Anite is now part of Keysight Technologies

The content of the received message can then be compared with the expected template in the TTCN. In the next few slides we will see how to add different script elements to the scripting pane.

When a cell is active, the active configuration can be modified by choosing ‘Update Cell’. Please note that programming elements cannot be dragged to the database. LogViewPlus can now automatically configure a PatternParser. Because this can viewr done in the test anite log viewer quickly and easily, it can help to solve problems more quickly and so help to lower costs and reduce time to market.


Anite Test Engineer

It is possible to also set different colours for the expanded text, but this is not recommended since the colour selected would be used for the expanded text of all protocol layers. Anite log viewer verdicts of scripts are stored in a file on the controller PC with the extension. Cells are activated and deactivated using the buttons next to the list. The procedures are initiated from the handset only, the network only, or both.

There are also options to show or hide some types of message such as measurement reports and system information messages. Following is my code:.

The unit is in ms. Verdicts are recorded for each Test Case and then for sections within each test. Two tabs in the lower screen, one debug tab displays information on license checking, whether a scenario has been loaded correctly or whether a cell has been anite log viewer activated. At the end of the script the cell is deactivated and a User prompt inserted asking the user to switch off the phone.

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