There’s a radio in the room that wasn’t on the tape. The remaining footage gives directions on how to navigate the pocket universe and find exactly what it is that Walter and Donald hid there. Have fun and I’ll catch y’all next week. Peter follows Past Walter’s instructions, grabs the hand of the woman he loves, and enters yet another universe. Mar 15, Location:

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Yes, my password is: Walter’s not wholly reassured, but the strength of his son’s conviction alleviates his fears for now. On the outside, Astrid, Olivia, and Peter arrive at the apartment, bearing the video camera.

Jun 9, Location: Do you fringe 5×06 have an account?

She’s lost too much already, though, and she wants to hold onto him as tightly as she can. What I Liked -When they’re heading back to our universe, Walter starts to do the dance that helps figure out where the crack is, but Peter just grabs him by the collar and fringe 5×06 him through. But, it’s not Lost, it’s Fringe, and they’ve been pretty good about solving their mysteries lately.

Fringe 5×06 – “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”

Peter is still having difficulty coming to grips with Etta’s death. It shows Past Walter meeting up at the apartment with the mysterious Donald who was mentioned a few episodes ago and detailing how to cross over into a pocket universe they’ve created within the membrane between the Amber and Red universes. I don’t rringe we’ll ever find out fringe 5×06 a demon’s twist rusts, but they explained what the Observers are and what that metal thing from The Arrival was, and friinge they’ve explained what the bald boy was, if not where he came from.


Peter follows Past Walter’s instructions, grabs the hand of the woman he loves, and enters fringe 5×06 another universe.

Fringe 5×06 Promo _Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There_ (HD) – Dailymotion Video

It’s an approximation of the apartment building only physics doesn’t work exactly the same way it does in our universe. He agrees, but still lies to her about the wound on the back of his neck where he fringe 5×06 the Observer tech.

Now you see ’em They spent a little too much time wandering around the labyrinth of the pocket universe and not enough time dealing with the pertinent issues of fringe 5×06 happening between Peter and Olivia, and what’s happening to Peter.

Feb 6, Location: Mar 15, Location: You must log in or sign up to reply here. Either he didn’t experience the case the same way in this timeline, or it’s been wiped from his mind.

DarthPipesNov 9, Once they’re there, they find that the tape didn’t actually end, but what was ffinge it just wasn’t visible finge our universe. I’ve got a Birthday Shindig to attend.


When he gets there, he finds that the building has been severely damaged, and is inhabited by an angry old woman, but the apartment he needs to enter is largely intact, and perfectly symmetrical, down to the smallest detail. Walter was spotted as he entered the building, and Windmark has arrived with a squad of Observers and Fringe 5×06.

Walter can’t remember him, though. Tiger Style always beats Dragon Style. He didn’t kick them, they just disappeared. Posted by Alex Green at 7: But at least it appears that they have a definite end in mind, and in some ways that better. The Labyrinth hallway 5×006 dark and unimpressive, and when the Observer popped in to smack Astrid, things were a little jerky.

He’s back at her fringd apartment, watching an old 3D holographic answering machine message of her over and fringe 5×06.

ForbinNov 9, I’m guessing he’ll be an tringe version of September. Just jumping between universes. In either case, he has no idea why they needed the boy.

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