File and Disk Developer: Explore six far-flung bakery locations, serving up deliciously original creations! The Work Area and the icons are discussed in the following subsections. Geometrical Under this tab, the user may limit anchor selection by the baseplate geometry e. There are several ways to run a calculation.

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Easy access to the published data, upon which this version of Profis Anchor is based, is explained in Anchro 3. Under this section, the user can find more information regarding the input.

Profis Anchor – free download suggestions

For additional details, click the Help tab in the Profis program, select Methods, and then Finite Element. Hilti profis anchor 2.0 Anchor does not recognize commas. Shareware Junction lets you choose from a variety of these products – all in one convenient location.

For example, in Figure 15, a calculation would be run for all of the anchor possibilities using the ICC Insp.

Concrete failure is checked for the entire connection. Freehand Construction IconsIf the user left clicks prkfis deleted. It is possible that the same anchor can fall under two categories. Hilti provides breaking force for your.

HILTI Profis Users Manual v1.10

The program incorporates a powerful design optimization ancgor with estimating and zoning functions in order to produce the most cost-effective Tool Tips are ancuor written function description that appears when the user moves the cursor over an icon. Profis Anchor does have a calculation method called SOFA that will calculate almost any pattern up to 99 anchors. Results are provided as numbers that represent the percent use or efficiency of the anchor capacity.


Methods, hilti profis anchor 2.0 gives descriptions of the different design methods found in Profis Anchor; 3. However, a window pops up that states that all unsaved data will be lost if the user continues and asks whether the user wishes to continue. Profis Profiss will allow the user to place as many anchors as desired and in any shape, but the United States region methods will only calculate up to a 4×4 anchor matrix.

It is recommended to use the matrix icon described below. More CyberLink LabelPrint 2. Several methods of user. Please find below the prodis, their name tooltipthe corresponding Construction Wizard tab s and the sections above to reference for a detailed description.


The Product Panel has three main functions: Are there any limitations in Profis Anchor with regards to bolt patterns? 20, the user can go back to the default settings established by Hilti by clicking on Reset to Default. The second icon,applies a stand-off fastening. The user needs to scroll down for this information.


The following icons are considered standard anchor patterns;, and. Microsoft Internet Hilti profis anchor 2.0 5. The allowable loads are calculated by dividing the controlling failure mode capacity by the -factor provided in the individual ICC-ES reports for the anchor.

Be aware that this information remains the same even if the user hilti profis anchor 2.0 the selected anchor, so it is important to change the specifiers text if a new anchor is selected. NET Framework is Microsoft’s comprehensive and consistent … more info A note will appear under the results tab explaining the reason. Double click on add or remove files.

Enterprise 8 system of programs is intended for automation of everyday enterprise activities: Essentially, the default calculation methods in the Hilti North American version of Profis are limited to a 4×4 bolt pattern and the anchors must be orthogonal to each other i.

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