Here is the traslation, but assure you, in Russian it sounds much more beatiful February. Flag Juliannerose17 on April 21, To me this song is a very Jewish song. I think that this song is about communism in the Soviet Union. ElenaUndon I tried to translate it in french: It is widely used in Russian my native language in a negative sense and it actually means “I don’t give a shit for what happens after I’m gone.

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I have areally stong idea that this song is about a soldier. Anyways, that’s my interpretation of Apres Moi. I believe regina may be mocking Russian totalitarian leaders like Stalin or Lenin pretending she was one of them and had sektor ideals. ElenaUndon Speltor tried to translate it in french: My life is not my own, as it was passed down the line by my mother, spektof was given it by my grandmother, who was given it by my greatgrandmother, who was given my life regina spektor apres moi the mercy of G-d who saw it fit that she sould surrvive the camps, the walk from the camps to find home, and any shred of family or neighbor she could.


This is the way to show something hidden from others. General Comment the russian words are a piece of a famouse russian poem by Boris Pasternak. Then again comes a burst of self persuadng mantras regina spektor apres moi I! But I prefer to concentrate on the form itself.

Zhivago, oh yes he did. I hear that struggle in Reginas words. I’m a Russian speaker and it drives me crazy that the poem is almost always mistranslated. I think it’s about King Louis XV. Seriously, at least these people’s translations are on the site so we have an idea of what they think it is, all I could grasp from your posts are that you’re Russian and off-putting-ly rude.

Apres Moi – Lyrics – Regina Spektor Message Boards

Now that I’ve read your interpretation, Apree think mine is far from reality. You need to be a member regina spektor apres moi order to leave a comment. Does it sound crazy to you? Prends de l’encre, verse des larmes. Then another side breaks through – we can see aprs of protaginist expressed in Russian which mainly noone understands.

General Comment I really love this song I believe the Russian part translatation is: Its very second world war, the russian sort of reiterates that.

Apres Moi Lyrics

Spektro a new account. Posted November 23, Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and mol. Although one resulted in a republic and the another in socialism, both involved the assassination of a monarchy by the proletariat. What do you guys regina spektor apres moi about this song? General Comment People mostly stick to the meaning of the Russian part and go deep in search for Pasternak bioghaphy details, historical allusions and so.


More Regina Spektor Lyrics. Login with Google Error: And I don’t think people should jump down the throat of a native speaker who points out an incorrect translation.

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Regina Spektor – Apr├Ęs moi

The poem that the Russian lyrics are taken from has somewhat of an apocalyptic or after-the-war feel to it with a pinch of hope like Begin to Hope’s subtle theme. Mine was absolutely different! Flag ayebrobrolol on August 09, To never take her struggle for granted.

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