Her bangles jingle and it creates a ripple of shivers through his body. So that is about my blog. Here is a poor singer who falls for a rich and beautiful girl next door. When rising morning called him He woke up and looked at her She was not here, she disappeared The wind blew away. The song starts as a story. He calls her in and she goes in. My mother tongue in Malayalam.

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The lyrics must have awakened the deep seated hidden emotions of any youth of Kerala since it was made. You no longer need the lyrics to know what the song is about.

Why are you looking at us? He is hard outside and soft inside. The music and lyrics of this song has stood the test of time.

People understand Tamil lyrics, they understand the superficial Hindi lyrics and some people vouch for English song lyrics. Was she afraid of being discovered? May be it means a warrior person from North Vakapoo maram choodum On the other side, people in North Kerala are supposedly nicer than people from South Kerala. He says that the winter moon has dimmed its light.


In her ecstasy, she looks up and says to moon I am not coming up there because my bridegroom is down vakapop.

Vakapoo maram choodum – Lyrics and Music by Anubhavam () arranged by arun_krishnan | Smule

New Password Please choose a new password. An Error has Occurred An unknown error has occurred. I decided to translate this song not because of its lyrical splendor. The flowery fragrance has faded. Now she has to convince the whole world chpodum him and that they are perfect for each other.

He may be a ,aram man, but he is all hers. She met a man and she understood him like none another. Like it never happened. Okay, in a few words — a one night stand.

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It could vakapoo maram choodum beautifully poetic or outright literal. It is quite poetic too. Was she afraid of being discovered? Vaathilil vannethi nokkiya Vasanatha panchamipennin Valakilukkam kettu kori tharichu ninnu Thennal tharichu ninnu Viral njodichu vilicha neram Viral kadichaval arikil vannu Vidhuvadhanayayi vivashayayaval othungi ninnu Nanam kunugi ninnu The 5th moon of spring Peeped through the door In the sound of her bangles The northern wind shivered in pleasure He snapped her fingers and called her She bit her fingers and came near The moon faced, helpless girl stood still She stood shy.


There is a sense of abandonment. You ravel and literally give yourself up to the music. At one side, they are plain and musical.

Your password has been successfully updated. Why delay, my love, to come in front of my eyes?

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Why go for a byproduct, when his pure and entire heart is ready to the one willing to strive for it? No surprise, she wins over her him. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Here is a poor singer who falls for a rich and beautiful girl next door. Oru Nokku Kaanuvan Song L She vakapoo maram choodum not only getting ready for a social event, but she is also preparing for intimacy.

I am from Kerala, a nice little greeny spot in the vast Indian nation. He may stand down, but she is not leaving him for anything in this world.

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