As the game focuses on vehicles and environments and not people, the game’s graphics have withstood the test of time quite well. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mega Corp became the largest employer in the United States. This is probably part of why it died off online — many people were simply not able to play it anymore. Frustrated at being a part of such an ethically challenged corporation, these hacks altered coding in various Mega Corp products–turning certain robot and tank machinery into self-directed, man-killing machines.

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Recoil (video game) – Wikipedia

Topics Windows gamesVintage computer gamesAction games. Recoil Demo Item Preview. The player is given various missions to take out different parts of the Network’s forces and operations, using a stolen prototype tank known as the BFT Battle Force Tankwhich is transported from place to place by a stolen VTOL aircraft. Inthe wonders of artificial zipper interactive recoil game turned ugly in the hands of a few disillusioned Mega Corp programmers.

The country was becoming brainwashed. The game has a nice variety of maps, with six to eight maps available for multiplayer use. This is probably part of why it died off online — many people were simply not able to play it anymore. Articles that use obsolete variables GameInfobox articles without an zippwr Articles using GameInfobox video games Electronic Arts games Interatcive simulation video games Video games developed in the United States Windows games.

On newer computers the game has varied performance; on some machines it can be hard to get running properly, and it does have some bugs. More useful, however, are the weapons your tank is armed zipper interactive recoil game.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Even so, the soundtrack fits the game well and is well done. They have hacked interactjve to the Battle Force Tank BFTthe Network’s latest and greatest weapon system, and given you control of it remotely. Recoil makes blowing things up easy! The controls work great and let you both move very quickly and precisely shoot your targets, and just driving around or shooting at things is exciting.

The Video Mail message crackles through pirate channels and hits your computer with an electronic charge.

Recoil Demo

Review by A Black Falcon Reviewed: Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Turrets and missile sites threaten the skies. Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters.

While the missions are large, well designed, and take some time to get through, and have gae of large ingeractive, alternate paths, and a variety of types of zipper interactive recoil game vehicles that will try to oppose you, there are, unfortunately, only six of them.

A resistance forms, operating in underground buildings and travelling at night to avoid detection by the machines. Tanks patrol desolate city streets. In when Recoil was published, Zipper Interactive was zippe very little-known company. It is truly too bad that Zipper interadtive bought by Sony and has been turning out nothing but SOCOM games for years now; I would have loved to have seen a Recoil 2, or another mech or fighter simulation.

How to Play Recoil Game on Windows 8.1/10

The enemies are armed with the same kinds of weapons you are, and most of the time when you destroy an enemy they will drop a powerup that will either heal your health or will give you a refill of some of whatever weapon type it is that they use. Indeed, in many ways the game’s focal point is its variety of weapons. As a result it is hard to get lost, though sometimes it may iinteractive somewhat unclear about what exactly you are supposed to do, as the game does throw simple puzzles at you sometimes to keep things interesting.


Each reciil, Zipper interactive recoil game Corp would issue government-endorsed messages through the Network that broadcast pro-machine propaganda.

Recoil Demo : Zipper Interactive : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

All of them require multiple computers and multiple copies of the game, however, so actually playing them in this day and age might be difficult. Also extending things are the staticky live action cutscenes in between levels.

Interaftive a review and let your voice be heard. It’s too bad that there is no splitscreen because the multiplayer game is as great as the single player and it adds a lot to the short long single player campaign.

The greater human population is now a drone collective of computer-mesmerized zombies. You start out with only a few weapons, but quickly amass a large and impressive arsenal.

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